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Xiaopeng G3 Review


Last Wednesday, I got a Xiaopeng G3 red top version, which is more than one hundred hours away from today.

In the past 100 hours, of course, I didn’t drive it all the time, but in addition to the necessary work, I did spend it on it.

Xiaopeng G3 001 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

From charging, driving range, power, chassis, NVH and other traditional projects, to automatic parking, calling, small P voice assistant, ACC, open door and other smart feelings, in addition to the crash, I can try anything that can touch the test. And eventually summarized into the following 51 reports.

It is roughly divided into three categories: three electric, driving experience, shape interior, intelligent experience, entertainment experience, OTA, and hidden emergency mode.

Xiaopeng G3 002 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

Before the report, let me talk about the basic situation of this car:

2019 Xiaopeng G3 exclusive version, all top-of-the-line, 3 months ago version (that is, there is no A-pillar camera and driving recorder, currently said to have), after the comprehensive subsidy, the national unified price of 199.8 thousand yuan.

Dimensions: 4450 mm / 1820 mm / 1600 mm /

Wheelbase: 2610 mm, compact SUV

Power: 2nd generation permanent magnet synchronous motor, maximum output 145 kW ( 197 PS) / 300 N·m

Pure Driving Rang: 351 km / 365 km (NEDC comprehensive working condition)

Battery capacity: 47.1 kWh / 47.6 kWh

Charging rate: fast charge 30 minutes to 80%

Battery type: liquid cooled constant temperature ternary lithium battery pack

Wind drag coefficient: 0.3

Drive mode: front drive

0-100 KM/H Acceleration time: 8.2 s

Curing quality: 1585 kg

Total mileage: 813 km

Xiaopeng G3 003 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

The overall feeling of the test is:

A smart pure electric vehicle with a long driving range, low energy consumption, accurate navigation, high playability, and a huge driving experience and non-smart cars.

The first category: three electric

Xiaopeng G3 004 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

Although the G3 is separated from other cars mainly in intelligence. However, the performance of the three power sector is actually good.

Tests show that the ratio of its apparent mileage to actual mileage is 1.1:1. In other words, the 365 km NEDC endurance G3 is running at full speed, and the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway can run normally and can run out of 310+ km.

Say the environment of the three electric test:

Round-trip: Guangzhou Panyu Clifford Hospital – Shenzhen Longgang Xinyi Jiayu Mountain Phase 5

Demonstration total departure at departure: 320 km (not full)

Air conditioning: full air conditioning, the fourth gear is adjusted to the second gear after the maximum, and the air purification is started.

Driving mode: economic mode + kinetic energy recovery + steering wheel power is gentle

Driving speed: The whole process is mainly ACC. If the speed limit is 120 km/h, the fixed speed is 115; if the speed limit is 100 km/h, the fixed speed is 95km/h; however, the expressway cars between Guangzhou and Shenzhen are mostly congested, and the average speed is not high.

Road conditions: go all the way to high speed; 50% high return speed, 50% urban express road.

1. Driving Range:

Xiaopeng G3 005 e1554644788303 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

A table has been made for the driving range. When driving at high speed between Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the ratio of the apparent mileage of the G3 to the actual cruising range is about 1.14-1.16:1. However, once again, due to the congestion of highway vehicles between Guangzhou and Shenzhen, there are a large number of slow-moving sections, so the average speed is not high.

2. Energy consumption per 100 kilometers:

Xiaopeng G3 006 e1554644727580 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

See the picture for details. 14 kwh hundred kilometers, 13 kwh hundred kilometers or 15.9 kwh hundred kilometers, are actual road test results.

Need to be reminded again, although all the way to the high speed speed limit (as explained above, 120 fixed speed 115), but the high-speed route between Guangzhou and Shenzhen is relatively congested. Therefore, this does not represent the actual energy consumption of the G3 at a constant speed of 120 km/h.

I tested it on Saturday afternoon to night, which was a relatively congested period. The overall energy consumption will be low.

Supplementary explanation: There is a section of the expressway speed measurement, about 20 kilometers. The final average speed of the G3 vehicle’s high-definition navigation was 93 km/h, when the average energy consumption was 14.7 kwh/100 km.

Communicating with the car owners who have already mentioned the car, the highway energy consumption is roughly 15-17.

3. Speed error:

Xiaopeng G3 007 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

The dashboard displays the speed of the hour and the speed of the high-definition navigation, and the error is about 5 kilometers per hour. That is, the dashboard will display 120 kilometers per hour and the air interface will be 115 kilometers per hour.

4. Charging Power:

Xiaopeng G3 008 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

I charged at three different fast power stations. The maximum charging power goes to 62 kw. The maximum voltage goes above 420V, the lowest current is 10A, and most of the time the current is between 110A and 157A.

Xiaopeng G3 009 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

After the limit test (remaining mileage of 21 km, less than 10%), charge again at the 10,000-speed fast charge station and recharge 144 Km in 24 minutes. The charging power floats at 50 Kw.

In addition, the G3 has a good charging power below 90% of the battery.

My feeling is that after charging for more than 310 kilometers, there will be a turbulence mode. Although the voltage is still around 400V, the current will drop to only 10A, which means that the charging power is even lower at 4kw.

From 310 km or 90 % to 365 km or 100%, it takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. I won’t wait. (I have not tried slow charging.)

5. Exclusive Charging Station:

Xiaopeng G3 010 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

62 kw The highest charging power, I recorded in the underground garage supercharge station of Xiaopeng Automobile Guangzhou Luogang Youtobang Shopping Center. I also charged the Jinke and the 10,000 ring charging stations separately. The power of Jinke is very low, probably less than 30 kw;

The cost of Xiaopeng’s exclusive charging station is the lowest, mostly at 1.6 yuan, 1.5 yuan, and two hours of free parking; 10,000 rings is 1.8 yuan (including service charge), no free parking.

Considering that from July 1st, Xiaopeng Auto’s exclusive charging pile will be charged 50% off, and the advantages of Xiaopeng Auto Overcharge Network will be greater than now.

Xiaopeng G3 011 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

Moreover, there are exclusive rights; Xiaopeng Super Charging Station now has a ground lock, and the owner can unlock it in the App.

6. Charging Station Map:

Xiaopeng G3 012 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

G3 has the option of “in-screen charging station” on the navigation page, and the app “charging” is also a first-level menu.

Xiaopeng G3 013 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

App search charging station, exclusive charging station and some cooperative charging stations will display the price, charging station status, live picture and detailed address, others are not; the “in-screen charging station” in the car navigation page can also display the price, Charging station status and other information.

7.Charging Parking:

Xiaopeng G3 014 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

Most of the domestic pure electric vehicles, the charging port is in the front position. The same is true for Xiaopeng G3, which is located on the left side of the front. Since the charging line of the super-charging station is not long enough, the head must be stopped inward.

Xiaopeng G3 015 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

The parking method in the front of the car is difficult for most Chinese to control. For example, the fourth pile position of the underground charging garage of the Xiaopeng Auto Utopia Mall is a pile that is extremely difficult to stop. I hope that some friends can try their driving skills.

8. Power Down OverNight:

I did a simple test.

A record was made on Thursday night, and children were sent on Friday morning, about 9 hours apart. The driving range at start-up is 253 as in the previous night, but after driving 1.8 km, the endurance is reduced to 250. Acceptable range.

Xiaopeng G3 016 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

It is important to have a reminder on the G3 User Manual. The idea is that if you park for a long time, you need to keep the battery at 30% – 35%, and keep parking for more than one month. It is recommended to charge the power battery once every 1 month.

In this case, the Xiaopeng G3’s 24-hour power-down rate is less than 1%. Otherwise, it will be completely out of power in less than a month.

9. Do you want to install a home charger:

Xiaopeng G3 017 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

Considering that Xiaopeng charges 50% off from July. If there is no fixed parking space, don’t be tossed, you can not install a home charger.

My own abacus is as follows:

The temporary parking space in the community is 150 yuan a month, the underground garage parking space is 450 yuan a month, and a separate property management fee is required. The difference between the two is more than 300 yuan. According to Xiaopeng super-charge station, 1.5 yuan once calculated, equivalent to 200 kWh; according to 50% off 0.75 yuan, the equivalent of 400 kWh.

And I use less than 400 kWh a month (according to G3 battery capacity, means more than eight times). In addition, there are other super-fill stations in my community that can be supplemented. Many shopping malls in Guangzhou currently have charging piles. So, when the sales asked me if I installed a home charger, I chose to keep a one-year interest.

The second category: Driving Experience

10. Power:

Xiaopeng G3 003 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

Xiaopeng G3 uses a second-generation permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum output of 145 kW / 300 N·m. Although the acceleration of 100 kilometers to 8 seconds is definitely not a violent car, there will still be a strong push back when starting.

What surprised me was that the acceleration in the rear section was significantly optimized, and the power output’s stamina was significantly enhanced.

The mode I chose was “economy + kinetic energy recovery” and I didn’t feel “halo”. Part of the reason, I think the G3’s kinetic energy recovery is tied to the brakes, taking care of the driving habits of the fuel car.

If you choose a standard or exercise, the power will be more sensitive. However, maybe I am getting older and I feel that the ECO mode is enough.

11. Kinetic energy recovery:

Xiaopeng G3 018 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

Kinetic energy recovery has three options: high, medium and low.

In the case of mode selection economy, energy recovery, and steering wheel power, the whole car feels like a fuel car.

Although many people respect the “golden right foot”, they choose “high” energy recovery and the electric door is tight to control the stop. But it must be said that when the G3 brakes are linked to the kinetic energy recovery, there is no need to carefully control the power of the electric door.

The disadvantage of “high” energy recovery is the discomfort that can occur once the door is completely released and the vehicle suddenly decelerates.

12. Steering wheel:

Xiaopeng G3 019 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

The steering wheel of the G3 is Nappa leather and fits in size. The power is divided into three categories: “soft, standard, and sports.”

I have tried all three categories. The “sports” and “standards” give me a feeling of a bit heavy, so I chose “soft”. At low speeds or when reversing, the steering wheel in soft mode does rotate easily, but it becomes heavier when driving at high speeds.

This light weight is more difficult. I hope that in the subsequent OTA, it will bring a better debugging feel.

Yes, the “soft” mode has been a bit heavy for a long time.

Xiaopeng G3 020 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

In addition to controlling the direction, the steering wheel also integrates a variety of G3 shortcuts.

Xiaopeng G3 021 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

On the left is the manual adjustment of the volume (wheel), switching the source, and selecting a song.

Xiaopeng G3 022 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

On the right is the dashboard content selection (via the scroll wheel), manual wake-up voice assistant, hanging up the phone (via the scroll wheel) and more.

Xiaopeng G3 023 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

Integrated with Mercedes-Benz’s “Block Structure”. Getting started is very easy. It feels that this ACC start lever can be adjusted, and it will be easier to pick up a little later.

13. Lighting:

Xiaopeng G3 024 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

The G3 is equipped with a lightsaber LED daytime running lights, which are usually bright enough to be used when there is a need to turn on the high beam.

In the case of light self-sensing, your default configuration is fine. I basically didn’t move the light settings and felt that it was enough. This is also a feature of smart cars.

Incidentally, the G3 does not currently have an automatic wiper function. But look at the configuration table, the automatic wiper function will be upgraded through OTA.

14. Vision:

Xiaopeng G3 025 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

With a panoramic front windshield of 1.889 square meters, the G3 has an overall view that is very transparent and does not have the pressure of a full glass skylight. But one thing, its A-pillar is a bit thick, and you need to pay attention to the corners when you turn.

15. Glass sunroof is not hot?

I felt hot after the sun was exposed at noon yesterday. It’s okay after it’s opened. Its air conditioning is still relatively strong. Now the official and Taobao have the corresponding accessories, that is, to block the front windshield. Guangzhou is still cool, if you go to the heat….. It is recommended to start with a car.

16.Suspension, Filter:

Xiaopeng G3 026 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

The G3 took the suspension structure of the former McPherson rear torsion beam and was professionally adjusted by the British company Mira.

The overall direction of adjustment is hard. The advantage is that the support force is in place, and it is flexible to open; the shock of the broken road section is in place. However, this suspension structure also determines that it needs to slow down when it is too large, otherwise it will be hard. In particular, the structure of the rear torsion beam has a certain influence on comfort.

17. Seat:

Xiaopeng G3 027 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

Its seat is very well wrapped and has a strong sense of movement. Although there is no seat massage, the waist position can be adjusted. For those of me who have strained the waist, this fit adjustment is very useful.

Some owners say that the filler is hard, but I think that “fit” is more important than “soft”. Any seat, you will feel tired after sitting for a long time. Therefore, fitting and wrapping will be more important than “soft”.


Xiaopeng G3 028 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

Quiet personal feelings are different. For example, I think the pedestrian sound of the G3 at low speed is harder than the road noise at high speed. But someone likes it very much, and I can only keep it.

As for the overall NVH performance of the G3, I think it is quite satisfactory.

It is quieter at medium and low speeds, and the sound is transmitted from the chassis at high speeds, which is relatively large. This “relatively large” is superior to the same level of fuel vehicles.

19. Rear space:

Xiaopeng G3 029 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

In the rear space of the G3, two people are wealthy and three people are crowded. As far as the wheelbase of the 2610 is concerned, it has been better used. The downside is that there is no central bolster in the back.

20. Car odor and Air purification:

Xiaopeng G3 030 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

I didn’t use equipment to measure formaldehyde, but I can talk about it as an old rhinitis.

I am very sensitive to harmful substances in the air. Seven or eight years ago, I bought a mainstream B-class car from a joint venture brand. In the first half of the year, I felt a headache and uncomfortable every time I drove on for half an hour. The friend was renovated in the first two days, and the house smelled great. I also had a headache when I went in for five minutes.

The G3 that was opened this time has a mileage of about 300 kilometers. The new car tastes realistic and is relatively large. At first, I was worried that it would cause a headache. But after 100 hours, there was no headache.

There is no headache in the taste. In addition to the materials used, it may also be related to the vehicle’s own air purification system, mainly PM2.5 detection and purification, pollen filtration and so on. Otherwise, I must have a headache.

21. Ventilation Mode:

Xiaopeng G3 031 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

Special introduction to the ventilation mode. This is one of my favorite features, and it also best reflects the local adaptation of G3.

I even suspect that the engineer who designed this feature, like me, has the habit of smoking. This mode allows four windows to open a seam at the same time. You can click on the manual operation or control it by voice.

This is a big weapon when driving at high speeds. Don’t worry about the window being too big, and you can change the air inside the car faster. Otherwise, after smoking, the air quality inside the car must be seriously polluted.

The third category: shape and interior

Xiaopeng G3 032 - Xiaopeng G3 ReviewXiaopeng G3 033 - Xiaopeng G3 ReviewXiaopeng G3 034 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

There are two very different statements about the shape of the G3.

One is from a traditional car engineer, they will feel very strange, especially for the roof camera to spit a lot; the second is from passers-by. When I entered the community gate, the underground garage, and the roadside charging, I attracted the passers-by to look around and gave a “good-looking” evaluation.

So, I decided not to write any waistline, shark fins, lightsaber lights, and talk about feelings: driving it out, the rate of return is very high! OK, that’s it. As for the outstanding, there is no.

In addition, say a few more words to the roof camera. One reason I chose to match is because there is a roof camera. As for its stability and usability? Further observation is needed. I like the speciality.

23. Interior:

Xiaopeng G3 035 - Xiaopeng G3 ReviewXiaopeng G3 036 - Xiaopeng G3 ReviewXiaopeng G3 037 - Xiaopeng G3 ReviewXiaopeng G3 038 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

This level of car, there should be some configuration.

Various USB interfaces, Nappa leather seats, four-door electric windows with one-button upgrade, second-row air conditioning adjustable, mobile phone wireless charging, push-type reading lights, various chrome-plated parts, etc., what do you mean? As far as I am concerned, the interior of this price is already OK.

In other words, domestic brands are mostly willing to work harder than foreign brands in the interior. The same is true for smart electric cars.

To give an opinion, the glove box can increase the point damping.

24.Trunk space:

xiaopeng trunk - Xiaopeng G3 Review

The trunk space is actually quite large, especially after pulling up the partition, there is a large slot below, you can put down two small suitcases or two standard backpacks. It is enough for family outings. In addition, the trunk hatchback opening method, plus the second row of seats can be put down, it is also very suitable for IKEA shopping.

The fourth category: intelligent experience

Finally came to the most interesting intelligent experience. As I said at the beginning, the G3 is a huge new era car that is separated from non-smart cars. And a lot of things to look at the book data is not felt. The following points are all that I think are extremely practical.

25. ACC:

Xiaopeng G3 039 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

This is the ACC status taken while driving. The G3 has already installed it on a production car. I will open in the Guangzhou-Shenzhen round-trip and on the Guangzhou Xinguang Expressway. The overall feeling is good, and even some places are better than Tesla.

The following four aspects are my satisfaction.

1. The acceleration and deceleration is softer, the curve follows is very linear, more like an old driver;

2. The safety distance is moderate, especially when driving at high speed, there is no error;

3. the starting method is simple, you can dial the ACC lever.

4. Vehicles that can identify three lanes in front and left.

The areas that need attention and improvement are as follows:

1. At present, the acceleration and deceleration are from 5 km. You can consider short-distance 1 km and long-distance 5 km.

2. encounter intersections in time to take over. This is adaptive cruising, not autopilot.

3. Xiaopeng’s art or the rendering failed. Vehicles that can identify the front, left and right lanes can also react in real time, but the rendered vehicle graphics are ugly.

4. the motorcycle has been identifiable, it is recommended to increase the relevant graphics, currently recognized as a car.

5. It is recommended to increase the distance indicator, that is, the distance from the preceding vehicle is represented by a graph, similar to the strength of the WIFI signal.

Finally add points. G3’s ACC is available on city streets and even on community roads. It has been found that the ACC can be started even if the speed is lower than 30 km/h and there is no car in front. However, the minimum speed after start-up is 30 km/h.

26. Xiao P voice assistant:

Xiaopeng G3 040 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

“Hello Xiao P” is Xiaopeng’s intelligent voice assistant. In the past 100 hours, it has become the main way of communicating with G3.

It is highly recommended to open “Oneshot” and then you can say “Hello Xiao P, help me play music.” The music will then ring.

I speak faster, then I will be a bit stuttering and accent. However, the identification of Xiao P is still very accurate. There are no problems from ventilating windows, navigating songs, and then turning on air purification and calling people.

After 100 hours, I didn’t want to touch any function by touch. “Work basically depends on the mouth.”

It should be noted that Xiap P has a great deal of trust in 4G signals. If there is no 4G signal in the underground garage, it can’t do anything.

27. 4G signal:

The G3’s 4G signal is very stable, and there is no signal but the vehicle is offline. This is also a point I am quite satisfied with. There is really no 4G signal, and G3 has no way; but as long as there is a signal, it can start cloud services relying on 4G signals, such as voice assistants and navigation real-time traffic conditions.

28. Automatic Parking:

The video shows everything. Automatic parking, I have tried many times. The success rate in underground garages is currently 100%. However, in the side parking spaces with obstacles, there was an active exit. Overall, there were no accidents such as crashes.

29.Summoning Function:

This feature is highly practical in parking spaces in narrow malls.

30. Navigation:

Xiaopeng G3 041 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

Xiaopeng G3’s AMAP is the best car navigation I have ever used. Driving the G3, you don’t need a mobile phone holder at all.

After entering the navigation address, the car navigation will enter the approach mode, providing three route options, and the traffic information is online in real time.

Xiaopeng G3 042 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

A lot of details have been specially adapted. For example, the on-screen charging station above.

Xiaopeng G3 043 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

It is recommended to turn on the route radar. The car is turned off by default.

The reason for the default shutdown is that it is still optimized to better present the road selection information on the screen.

31. Charging Lifetime Estimation:

Xiaopeng G3 044 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

Xiaopeng G3 045 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

This is pointed out because it helped a lot during the limit test. This feature point may be only available to Tesla and Xiaopeng. And it is accurate.

Pay attention to the dashboard, the cruising range has not been displayed. To be honest, I was worried that the virtual power fell in the last two kilometers, and I relied on “the remaining 20 kilometers after arrival” to cheer up. The result did not disappoint me.

32. Meditation Mode:

This mode is suitable for lunch breaks. After arousing by voice mode, the main driving seat will slowly fall down, and then there will be bird songs and ethereal music, and the air conditioner will be adjusted relatively.

33. Seat Adjustment:

Xiaopeng G3 046 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

In addition to full electric power, the G3’s seat adjustment automatically adjusts the height and back angle of the seat according to height and weight. After the trial, I feel that the adjustment is good, quite in line with the Chinese or Asian body characteristics.

Xiaopeng G3 047 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

Moreover, the G3 automatically remembers the data such as the seat angle after each adjustment.

34. Welcome Mode:

This is a feature I particularly like. When you get off the bus, the main seat will automatically retreat, so you can get off the train; when you get on the bus, it will automatically adjust to the position you set earlier. Very hommization.

35. Seat Belt Warning:

Xiaopeng G3 048 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

The G3’s seat belt is pre-tightened, that is, after the seat belt is fastened, the fit type will be tightened. This test drive, I found that the G3 seat belt was used in the lane departure warning. In other words, if you press the side lane, the seat belt will be tightened to remind you.

This kind of reminder is actually safer than the common steering wheel jitter warning.

36. Charging Interface:

Xiaopeng G3 049 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

Xiaopeng G3 050 - Xiaopeng G3 ReviewXiaopeng G3 051 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

As a smart car, there are many USB interfaces on the G3. Need to be reminded that the charging power of the battery mark in the front row is obviously large, so choose this as much as possible. You can also have a cigarette lighter charging head and plug in the 12V interface to convert. This power is also large.

37. Remote Monitoring:

Watch the video, please ignore the fat fingers. The news said that G3 will upgrade the sentinel mode in May. I am very curious about what this model will be like?

Current remote monitoring should be further optimized. At the moment of exiting video surveillance, an instruction to lower the roof camera is required. If you can drop automatically when you exit, the experience will be better.

38. 360 panoramic and reversing images:

Xiaopeng G3 052 - Xiaopeng G3 ReviewXiaopeng G3 053 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

The G3 is equipped with 12 ultrasonic waves, 5 cameras, and 3 millimeter wave radars. At present, there are already 360 panoramic functions on the production car. Provides live images when reversing. I have operated many times and found that the accuracy is high and there is no delay. The downside is that the surrounding vehicles are not well imaged.

39. Open the door in the near field to start automatically:

Xiaopeng G3 054 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

You take the car key, close to the G3 door handle, the door will open. When the door is opened, the system will start automatically. After entering the car, you only need to hang the D gear to drive away. This experience is very similar to Tesla.

However, the current version has closed the function point of leaving the four meters and the vehicle is automatically locked. Need to manually press the lock button, the vehicle will automatically turn off the window to close the door.

Yes, it doesn’t matter if you open the window while parking, the system will not only turn off the power system, but also close all windows.

I don’t know if the function of leaving the four-meter automatic closing and shutting down will be open. However, it is felt that the manual key lock is mandatory and not complicated, and it is also a self-confirmation process. The vehicle will respond with a whistle flash.

With a word, talk to the Tesla owner. They are also more envious of the G3 lock when the car will automatically close the window. But at the same time, it is said that Tesla does not open this function because the United States mandates that it should not automatically close the window.

40. The inverted mirror automatically flips down:

Xiaopeng G3 055 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

G3 When reversing, the right side mirror will automatically fall down to prevent it from hitting the road when it is reversed.

The inverted mirror will automatically flip up after it stops. However, this upturn does not return to the user-set position, but returns to the preset position of G3. I talked to some early car owners. They said that this is a common problem. Xiaopeng’s engineers already know it and plan to solve it in the next OTA.

41, Seamless Navigation:

Xiaopeng G3 056 - Xiaopeng G3 ReviewXiaopeng G3 057 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

The specific use of it will not be carried out, G3 has – AMAP, WeChat, Xiaopeng App three ways to share. very useful. Especially when someone shares a location via WeChat.

The fifth category: Entertainment Experience

42. Central control screen:

Xiaopeng G3 058 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

The G3’s on-board center console is a 15.6-inch floating touch screen. The smoothness of the screen is good and the fluency can be optimized. The overall UI learning cost is very low. My seven-year-old son doesn’t have to teach. I have learned how to operate to open TIK TOK.

One expectation for the UI is that subsequent upgrades through OTA support split screens. The G3’s camera has a good definition and can completely replace the rearview mirror. But now if you choose a camera, the navigation map will disappear. The 15.6-inch screen is big enough to be split into two.

One caveat is that this screen is a fingerprint killer. After you pick up the car, the first thing should be filming.

43, TIK TOK and WeView:

Xiaopeng G3 059 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

G3 will support Appstore with a high probability of follow-up, and there are also a lot of car entertainment online content built in. Among them, my son’s favorite is tik tok. It looks fine at all, but when I want to log in, I pop up a message that requires a system upgrade to send a mobile verification code. It feels like a tik tok problem.

The reason I want to log in is to upload a video to upload tik tok through the roof camera, which is a new way of playing. In addition, the video recorded by the driving recorder is also very fun if it can be uploaded.

44. Karaoke:

Xiaopeng G3 060 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

“Sing it.” It made a special adaptation for Xiaopeng. Unfortunately, there is no microphone, and I can’t try karaoke. G3 official has accessories, I have placed an order when I booked. Go back and test the sing for everyone.

45.Car audio content:

Xiaopeng G3 061 - Xiaopeng G3 ReviewXiaopeng G3 062 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

The G3 comes with a lot of audio content. I usually open it when I drive. For example, Chinese pop music, hot song list, and two chapters of the fantasy novel “The Night” and so on.

In the Nansha service area, you can see the music station in Figure 1. Suddenly I want to say that the emergence of smart cars like the G3 will make these stores selling music CDs on the highways quickly close down. This is the same as the printing factory workers who first lost their jobs after the emergence of new media.

The sixth category: emergency mode

46. Press and hold the voice button for ten seconds:

Press and hold the voice button for ten seconds to restart the voice assistant.

47. Restart the central control screen:

Xiaopeng G3 064 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

Restart the big screen operation as shown.

48. Manual shutdown:

Xiaopeng G3 065 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

Xiaopeng G3 063 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

Long press the position in the red circle to manually turn off the whole car system, but not the whole car is powered off, it feels like the “close button”. After restarting the vehicle, all personal information will not be lost.

This application scenario is for people who stay in the car for a long time. Turning off the system saves energy.


49. version number:

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The production version of this production version of the G3 system version is V1.1.5 (beta), MCU version number (beta). In contrast, the version number I recorded in December last year is as shown in the above three figures. The latest version number is V 1.0.1 and the MCU version number is Xiaopeng’s iteration speed is good, although it is not a big version update, but the small step is also very good.

50. Brakes and Autohold:

Let’s talk about Autohold, G3’s Autohold is very easy to use. Many times, I started it without knowing it before the parking line.

After special research, I found that the G3’s Autohold is not as heavy as other cars, such as Mercedes. After stopping the vehicle, you only need to step on it to activate.

The overall feeling when braking is that the front end is hard and the middle end is soft, so I hope to improve it later.

Conclusion: G3 is a smart car

Xiaopeng G3 071 - Xiaopeng G3 Review

He Xiaopeng has had many speeches on “shocking the world” before. for example:

“Smart car is the next track”

“Xiaopeng Auto Auto Parking has a success rate of 70% and Tesla has only 13%”

“The core of smart cars is operating”

“(The key is) to enhance the useful and usable functions and content of a single point to a multi-point of use and function.”

After experiencing G3 for a long time, I agree with He Xiaopeng and I am looking forward to the follow-up E28 models. Some rumors in the market will make people feel that the E28’s product power will burst.

As far as the G3 is concerned, this is a huge new car that is separated from non-smart cars. It has its own shortcomings, such as the cruising range in 2019 is not the front row.

And when “multiple points are useful and should be used” appear on the G3, I am curious what is your choice? When the smartphone was charged every day, it was also laughed at by Nokia and Philips.

Today, talking to people, the more consistent view is that with the advancement of battery technology, driving range will not be the main competitive point. The new cars launched in 2019 will not be low in driving range.

However, intelligence will be, it will be the main segment, it will be the core product force. The smart ability of each family is not getting smaller and smaller, but growing.

G3 plans to upgrade the “Zone Lane Hold” and “Curve Hold” features through OTA. Can it also be “useful and should be used”? By then, I will bring another comprehensive evaluation.


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