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Tesla Model Y: Different Everywhere


At 11 am on March 15, 2019, Tesla CEO Elon Musk of Hawthorne, California, USA, released a new generation of intelligent electric SUV Tesla Model Y.

tesla y elon - Tesla Model Y: Different Everywhere

Model Y is the last piece of the Tesla SEXY product line. It is also the latest masterpiece of Tesla’s 15 years of cutting-edge technology in safety, design, intelligence, three power, engineering and manufacturing.

tesla y 001 - Tesla Model Y: Different Everywhere

After experiencing a 30-minute journey since the founding of the heart, Elon finished all the product information of Model Y in five minutes. Is this the most mediocre model in Tesla history?

The first car to beat the Model 3; The SUV you have been waiting for

After a 20-minute delay, Elon finally appeared on the stage of the press conference, and after mentioning the mission of “accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy,” Model Y debuted.

Like Model X for Model S, Model Y is an intelligent electric SUV built on the same platform as Model 3, which determines that there are many Model 3 shadows on it. This is the two most serious models of Tesla’s hands and hands. In a way, this has directly led to a subtle change in the style of the Tesla conference today.


The original Tesla Style. As Elon said before the press conference, Being an SUV, Model Y is about 10% bigger than Model 3.

tesla y 002 - Tesla Model Y: Different Everywhere

The small monster headlights, extending upward from the bottom of the front hatch, through the panoramic sunroof of the roof, hidden door handles and streamlined doorwork on the model line 3, these eye-catching, well-received design elements on Model Y again Presented.

tesla y 003 - Tesla Model Y: Different Everywhere

The interior does not need to be described, Model 3’s groundbreaking steering wheel + 15 inch touch screen completes all vehicle control and removes the instrument panel, and the integrated stepless variable direction air conditioning design is retained.

The only difference is that with the Model 3 approaching the road ahead, these originally forward-looking designs don’t seem to be radical, leaving us with only a functional and aesthetic design.


Safety is always at the top of the Tesla team’s highest priority. After the Model 3 received the NHTSA’s five-star safety model with the lowest probability of injury, the Model Y as the Model 3 SUV of the same platform, the tradition of the Tesla product family has been unquestioned by the NHTSA five-star safety rating.

tesla y 004 - Tesla Model Y: Different Everywhere

The Model Y uses a steel-aluminum hybrid body frame to enhance the rigidity of the vehicle. The newly designed impact beam and center pillar reinforcement on the Model 3 can be passed on, along with the design of the large battery pack from the earliest Model S on the bottom of the chassis. Model Y achieves ultra-high vehicle safety, and the 52% weight ratio in the first 48% also lays the foundation for greatly improving handling performance.

Three Electric

Model Y Performance’s 0-100km/h acceleration is 3.5s and the EPA’s cruising range is 483km. This can be achieved thanks to the new generation of motors and 2170 batteries on the Model 3 platform.

tesla y 008 - Tesla Model Y: Different Everywhere

At the end of 2015, Elon handed over the task of developing the next generation of motors to the Tesla motor design team. Tesla’s chief motor designer Konstantinos Laskaris recalled that Elon’s request was to develop a new motor, compared to the induction motor on the Model S/X, which required:

  • Lower cost
  • Higher efficiency
  • More compact
  • Performance without compromise

In the end, the Tesla team designed the “Permanent Magnet Switched Reluctance Motor”, which was first commercialized on the Model 3. Disassembled Model 3’s great god Sandy Munro commented that Tesla’s permanent magnet switched reluctance motor combines the advantages of permanent magnet motor and induction motor, and subtly circumvents the disadvantages of the two motors.

tesla y 006 - Tesla Model Y: Different Everywhere

On June 18, 2017, Tesla began producing 2170 batteries based on the NCA 811 formulation for Model 3 at Gigafactory 1. As of today, Tesla and Panasonic have invested more than $4.5 billion in Gigafactory 1. The 2170 battery with the highest energy density and lowest cost, coupled with Tesla’s new generation BMS, allows Model Y and Model 3 to support Tesla’s third-generation supercharger up to 250kW, 20%-80% charging time is only 15 minute.


The release did not mention Autopilot, but Autopilot received the biggest update.

The Model Y will be equipped with a new generation of Autopilot 3.0 hardware, and the vehicle’s perception and computing power will be updated. Cameras, radars, ultrasonic sensors, computing platforms, all hardware are aimed at one goal: automatic driving.

tesla y 007 - Tesla Model Y: Different Everywhere

In October 2016, the Tesla model with Autopilot 2.0 hardware was officially mass-produced, and the Tesla AI chip project for self-driving in the same period was launched. Elon has repeatedly stated in public that all AP 2.0 models will support automatic driving, and even if the power is not supported, it can be easily automated by replacing the chip.

Considering that the Tesla AI chip driving AP 3.0 hardware is designed according to the standard design, redundancy and fault tolerance of autonomous vehicles, we have reason to believe that Tesla will further enhance the performance of other sensor hardware at the hardware level. Achieve the standard of self-driving cars.

Model Y is probably the world’s first mass-produced, limited-scene, self-driving car.

I can guess what you want to say. In the midst of the already crowded mid-size SUV market, the Tesla Model Y seems to have lost some screaming points compared to Tesla’s history. It’s hard to imagine that after three years of Model 3 release, is Model Y really a higher and fatter Model 3?

The only thing that is changed is everything

As we mentioned earlier, Model 3 and Model Y are the two most serious models in Tesla’s history. The positioning of the Affordable Cars in these two cars determines that potential owners will pay more attention to functionality. The higher comfort, greater passability and greater space of the SUV make the Model Y a natural advantage for the Model 3.

This is what we said, even if Model Y does not make any improvements, it is still the first model to beat Model 3.

Considering that Model 3 has just met the needs of the local market, the delivery of Tesla’s overseas first and second largest markets in Asia Pacific and Europe has just begun, and Model Y has been smothered at the publicity level to undermine the impact on Model 3. It is the most reasonable strategy.

This is Tesla’s first ever security, design, space, performance, and Autopilot all without mentioning the release. A PPT that introduces the basic parameters, a Model Y, with dim lighting, End.

tesla y - Tesla Model Y: Different Everywhere

After the conference, there are two Model 3 booking owners @ I said, also buy Model Y? Tesla’s strategy has been successful.

The title of this section is different everywhere. I believe that many people will be confused. Where are these “different” manifestations?

First of all, it is a comprehensive improvement of engineering design errors.

Elon once mentioned on Twitter that in order to achieve the best security, the Model 3 project team has done a lot of over-engineering on the body-in-white, and the complicated splicing has not worked. In addition to increasing the manufacturing cost, it has also pushed up the preparation. Quality, which in turn affects other indicators such as endurance and handling.

tesla y 009 - Tesla Model Y: Different Everywhere

According to Model 3’s dismantling god Sandy, this design error is not through the whole cycle. After simplifying the welding method and removing the unnecessary fittings, this problem can be completely solved in Model Y.

At the three levels, the biggest imagination comes from improvements in battery technology. On February 5th, Tesla announced the acquisition of Maxwell. In the 20 days before the acquisition, Maxwell had informed investors that “the possibility of achieving a strategic partnership within six months is high.”

Considering Tesla’s consistently strong and aggressive acquisition history and the project cycle that Model Y will be put into production next year, the possibility of commercialization of Model Y’s electric drive powertrain application Maxwell technology tends to be infinite.

What if the integration with Maxwell is blocked? As we mentioned earlier, the 2170 battery was put into production in June 2017, and in January 2018, Tesla upgraded the battery formula.

At the Tesla Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2018, Tesla CTO JB Struabel mentioned that Tesla has mastered the way to increase battery energy density by 30%-40% in the next 2-3 years;

In November 2018, Tesla Motors President Jerome Guillen told CNBC that the design of the 2170 battery was not frozen. Tesla has a promising roadmap for technological improvement, from design, engineering, manufacturing, and electrochemistry.

tesla y 010 - Tesla Model Y: Different Everywhere

As battery energy density continues to increase, Model Y’s battery pack specifications will exceed 75 kWh, reaching 85 kWh or higher.

As you know, these technological advances have been clearly stated at the shareholders meeting, but they were not mentioned at today’s press conference. The reason is simple: Tesla’s overly efficient basic technology advances and too inefficient capacity rampages have created serious conflicts. Tesla can’t let Model 3 owners in Asia Pacific and Europe “take the car to be old” or even “not mentioned The car is old.”

On the other core of Tesla’s Autopilot, some hardware improvements are happening quietly. In August 2017, with the mass production of the Model 3, the models of the AP 2.5 hardware were officially put into production.

The only enhanced millimeter-wave radar was replaced by Bosch’s medium-range radar (MRR) to the mainland ARS4-B. The new radar’s field of view, distance, accuracy and quality were fully enhanced. In addition, the camera selection was also adjusted.

tesla y 011 - Tesla Model Y: Different Everywhere

The bigger innovation comes from the computing platform. The Model 3 removes the dashboard and all the information is concentrated in a centrally controlled large screen design. The AP 2.5 computing platform is updated by the AP 2.0 Parker+Pascal chip. Double Parker + Pascal. On the back of the autopilot board, Tesla integrates an integrated system of instrument/navigation boards based on Intel chips and NXP MCUs, while integrating TBOX and GNSS reception on the board.

As the industry’s only fully integrated integrated computing platform for autonomous driving and instrumentation entertainment, the AP 2.5 has achieved a fairly advanced level of design and manufacturing.

What I want to say is that Tesla is constantly improving and constantly upgrading, which makes us look forward to the completely redesigned Tesla next-generation computing platform AP 3.0, which is the Model Y computing platform.

Finally, we have to mention the fully automatic production line again.

In the first half of 2018, Tesla was seriously injured by the imminent timing of the automated production line. In the second half of 2018, Tesla undertook a comprehensive financial contraction due to financial pressure.

At the Elon conference, we did not answer the questions. We tried to answer that we can be sure that the ultra-high integration design of the Model Y as low as 100 m harness has been cancelled, and the component reuse rate of up to 76% with the Model 3 greatly limits the radical innovation and operability.

However, in January 2019, the Model 4 assembly line was shipped from the German automation plant to the Fremont plant in Tesla, California. A new line of higher efficiency and lower cost, combined with a redesigned battery pack, directly drives the production of the Model 3 Standard Edition (rather than simply closing the store to save money).

Tesla CTO JB Struabel’s Tesla Automation plant team and Tesla’s three-electric team are advancing the commercialization of the most cutting-edge smart electric vehicle technology on the planet.

Tesla is always Tesla, insisting on product-centered and extensive engineering and technological innovation in accordance with the principle of first principles. This is Tesla’s background.

This is Model Y

One of the highlights of the conference was the Tesla Shanghai factory. Yesterday, the first steel column of the Tesla Shanghai Super Factory was successfully hoisted. At today’s press conference, Elon once again mentioned the speed of China.

tesla y 012 - Tesla Model Y: Different Everywhere

On December 4, 2018, foreign media Bussiness Insider got a Model Y project document. Today, the three-row seat design, higher armrest box and dashboard are leaked in this document. The information for planning is like this.

  • Before June 1, 2020, the first Model Y trial line was established in Gigafactory 1, a super factory in Nevada, which was put into operation on August 1st; the capacity was 2,000 units/week on September 1 and 7,000 units/week before December 20th.
  • In October 2020, Gigafactory 3, a super factory in Shanghai, China, established the first overseas Model Y trial line, with a capacity of 2,000 units/week in November/December and 5,000 units/week before February 2021.

Model 3 China was put into production two years later than the US headquarters, while Model Y planned China’s production time only two months later than the US.

Don’t be fooled by Elon Musk, Model Y is the smartest electric SUV of its kind. This sentence is said to the consumers, but also to all the smug new cars and powerful traditional giants.

Model Y, It is here.

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