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Taycan Redefines Porsche


Recently, Porsche invited media from around the world to test drive the Taycan prototype that is doing the alpine limit test in Sweden. More information about Taycan was revealed, let us have a deeper understanding of this car.

Benchmark Model S ?

We believe that the Porsche Taycan is the most sincere pure electric car launched by the traditional luxury brand.

From last year’s sales strategy, Taycan is fully aligned with the Tesla Model S in product positioning. A small “evidence” captured by the media at the time was that two Model S were parked next to the Taycan prototype test as a competing test.

Taycan 001 - Taycan Redefines Porsche

Another small detail on the Chinese website is that when you type Model S in Baidu, the first link is the website where Porsche China official website Taycan opens the reservation.

But as Taycan began to accept the media test drive, more details were revealed. There is growing evidence that Taycan and Model S do not seem to be a class of cars.

Whichcar Editor Andrew Frankel About Taycan’s dimensions are described below.

The first surprise is how small the Taycan feels.No official dimensions have yet been issued, but based on what is known from the Mission E concept from which it is derived, the car is around 4.85 metres long, compared to well over five metres for the Panamera. Its wheelbase is far shorter too.

Norwegian electric car magazine elbil24 editor Fred Magne Skillebæk wrote this.

The first thing that impressed me was its size. I would rather call Taycan the 911 Plus, which is almost a four-door extended 911. Taycan should not be compared to Panamera, which is much larger.

Below we will list the size of these cars. 2019 911 is only 4519mm long, how long can the four-door version of 911 be?

Taycan 002 - Taycan Redefines Porsche

Taycan 003 - Taycan Redefines Porsche

According to 4850mm, Model 3 is 4694mm long and Model S is 4970mm long. You will find that Taycan is actually between Model 3 and Model S. The 2019 Audi A4L is 4818mm and the Taycan is a slightly larger model than the A4L.

From this perspective, Taycan is not quite able to compete directly with Model S.

But in such a small body (don’t forget Whichcar says its wheelbase is “small”), Porsche put down the 90kWh battery pack. This can be done because it is a pure electric vehicle developed on a new platform. Porsche internally named it J1. According to news from last year, the first pure electric sports cars of the Audi e-tron GT, Bentley and Lamborghini will be developed based on the J1 platform.

Taycan 004 - Taycan Redefines Porsche

But other information indicates that the advancement of the J1 platform itself is debatable.

As we all know, Porsche is promoting the development of three pure electric platforms at the same time. Includes J1, PPE, and SPE. J1 will not go into details. PPE, Premium Platform Electric, is the next-generation pure electric luxury model platform jointly developed by Porsche and Audi.

SPE stands for Sports Platform Electric, the next-generation electric super-running platform independently developed by Porsche. The first car will not be available until 2025. I will not expand here first.

The focus is on PPE, which is more advanced than J1. Porsche and Audi have invested in 300 and 550 engineers to develop PPE, which will be compatible with a variety of strategic models including different sizes of cars and SUVs. This includes the pure electric Porsche Macan, which was originally planned to be launched in 2021.

On January 24, 2019, PPE revealed a bad news. The German “Manager” magazine reported that after the reverse engineering and cost analysis of the Tesla Model 3, the PPE platform made some major adjustments.

Taycan 005 - Taycan Redefines Porsche

The Porsche and Audi engineers have to change the PPE, because Tesla’s Model 3 has gotten better than they thought.

Pure electric Porsche Macan postponed for six months, changed in 2022 Q1 market.

If the next-generation platform PPE is rebuilt because of Model 3, how can Taycan based on J1 platform be better than Models?

The bad news continues, as a pure electric car between the Model 3 and the Model S, Taycan’s kerb quality exceeds 2 tons. The battery pack weighs less than 700kg. According to the 90kWh battery pack specification and 600-700kg, its battery energy density is only 129-150 Wh/kg. The low energy density is basically consistent with our judgment in Porsche Taycan.

So, do you think it can beat Model S?

This is a Porsche

Let’s talk about how Porsche sees pure electric and Porsche how to build Taycan.

Our goal is that Porsche will always be the champion of this market segment, no matter how the power system changes. Our first pure electric sports car will be an authentic Porsche, offering our proven sportiness and everyday commute availability.

These words are said by Porsche North American CEO Klaus Zellmer. Keep looking down and you will have a deeper understanding of this passage.

Below are some performance notes from Taycan Turbo.

0-100km/h acceleration below 3.5s

Battery pack specifications 90kWh

The top speed exceeds 250km/h

NEDC working condition is more than 500km

800V ultra high voltage fast charging, charging 4 minutes, driving 100km

10%-80% charging takes 20 minutes

From the data, the Taycan Turbo lost to the Model S P100D released three years ago in terms of battery pack specifications, battery life, and 100-kilometer acceleration. However, Porsche has successfully circumvented Tesla to make its own differentiation.

Taycan 006 - Taycan Redefines Porsche

Porsche admits that no one is better than Porsche for making sports cars; making pure electric cars is not complicated, but creating the best pure electric sports cars in the world is bound to overcome some challenges.

Porsche’s brand proposition is manipulation and movement. Therefore, the weight ratio of 50:50, ultra-low center of gravity design is a must, but in the era of pure electric vehicles, there is no too high technical threshold.

Taycan 007 - Taycan Redefines Porsche

What really reflects Porsche’s handling and sporting proposition is this: Taycan has abandoned many of its competitors’ well-received “single pedal driving” features.

The so-called single-pedal driving, that is, the pure electric vehicle lifts the accelerator pedal on the right foot, the energy recovery starts immediately, drives the motor to charge the battery pack, and the generated braking force gradually stops the car. The intensity of kinetic energy recovery is adjustable, and when adjusted to the strong kinetic energy recovery mode, the braking force can cope with most deceleration and braking requirements.

Outside of the non-emergency brake, the driver does not have to switch between the brakes and the electric door to achieve a pedal to complete all control actions. The BMW i3, Nissan Leaf and Tesla all offer similar features.

Taycan’s operating logic is that in the default mode, the vehicle does not generate any brakes when you lift off the accelerator pedal. It will be in a taxiing state, just like a fuel car. The brake must step on the brake pedal. During the braking process, the first half is braked by kinetic energy recovery, and the second half is the real brake caliper for braking.

We trust users (intuition), when they want to brake, they should step on the brake pedal.

According to Bernd Propfe, Director of Platforms at Taycan. Porsche has fine-tuned the transition between the two brake systems by wire control. According to Propfe, the Taycan’s brakes are similar to the Acura NSX, and the user cannot feel the system change.

Taycan 008 - Taycan Redefines Porsche

In addition, Porsche tyre engineer Benjamin Gehring looks for tires of different sizes and composites to ensure Taycan’s best grip and stability.

The Taycan supports four-wheel steering and Porsche also equips the Taycan with Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC), Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) and Porsche Stability Management (PSM). Porsche pulled Taycan into the violent driving on the ice and tested the stability of the Taycan.

When the car loses its grip, the PSM will greatly reduce the power output and automatically brake to keep the car stable.

Taycan 009 - Taycan Redefines Porsche

Finally, Porsche developed a new Sport Plus model for the Taycan all-wheel drive.

In the all-wheel drive model, there is no limit to how the power can be output. You can completely freely place the power on the front or rear wheels, which is impossible for the internal combustion engine.

At the same time, PDCC, PASM, and PSM will automatically turn off, and Taycan turns into a monster with ice drift. With the step on, accurate and stable.

Sustainable High Performance

Taycan also has two unique features.

  • 12 consecutive times 0-100km / h acceleration performance does not decay
  • At least 4 times 0-200km/h acceleration performance is not attenuated

What is the significance of these two indicators? There is one more sentence about Taycan’s sustainable high performance.

It will maintain its top speed for longer than you could drive at that speed on any public road.

This sentence is a bit sloppy, you try to understand.

Stefan Weckbach, vice president of Porsche Pure Electric Products, once mentioned that Taycan is committed to consistent, sustainable high performance and that the battery pack will always be in the ideal temperature range.

Taycan 010 - Taycan Redefines Porsche

This is exactly the soft underbelly of Tesla. The goal of Taycan is to provide a sustainable high-speed driving capability that is stronger than the Model S P100D. Why is Tesla doing well in the US and not selling well in Germany?

Because more than half of the highway sections in Germany are unrestricted, and pure electric vehicles are weak in the second half of acceleration, sustainable high-speed driving requires a sustainable high-discharge capacity of the battery pack.

Taycan 011 - Taycan Redefines Porsche

n order to solve this problem, Porsche did three things. The first is the optimization of the motor level. Otmar Bitsche, Director of Porsche Electronics Development, has three evaluations of Taycan’s permanent magnet motors.

  • Impressive power-to-weight ratio, low weight and high power
  • Ultra high torque
  • Sustainable high performance

The second is the optimization of the electronic control plane. Rapid battery drain will cause the battery temperature to rise rapidly. Porsche developed the TMS Battery Temperature Control System (Termal Management System) for Taycan. Propfe explains that TMS is Taycan’s most important configuration and is one of Porsche’s most important advantages.

The third is the Taycan two-speed gearbox. We know that permanent magnet motors have the risk of demagnetization at high speeds. How does Porsche solve this problem? The answer is a two-speed gearbox.

Taycan 012 - Taycan Redefines Porsche

We know that Tesla is a single-speed gearbox. This is determined by the characteristics of the motor. The high-performance motor can continue to operate at high speeds above 10,000 rpm, while maintaining a wide output speed at maximum output power.

In fact, Tesla tried to equip the Roadster with a two-speed gearbox, but gave up because of low reliability and turned to developing high-performance motors.

But in the field of gearboxes, Porsche’s technical accumulation beat Tesla without any difficulty. The Porsche PDK dual-clutch gearbox is unique in the field of fuel vehicles, not to mention a two-speed gearbox with significantly reduced structural complexity.

With motors, TMS temperature control and two-speed gearboxes, Porsche makes Taycan “sustainable high performance” even more viable.

Taycan 013 - Taycan Redefines Porsche

Finally, I want to talk about Porsche’s strategy against Tesla. Since 2008, Tesla and Panasonic have continued to invest in the field of three powers, and have gradually established a shallow technical moat. When Tesla entered the luxury car market with Model S/X/3/Y, most luxury brands were overwhelmed by such opponents. This is especially true from the BBA’s first pure electric car.

Only Porsche, no rush to start, no chaos, on the one hand large-scale investment, including 800V ultra-high voltage fast charge, TMS and other configurations, to solve the user’s pain points; on the other hand, reiterate the sports gene, to more Good control, sustainable high performance to do Porsche yourself, not Tesla.

Tesla has developed a similar track mode for the Model 3 as the Porsche Sport Plus, which has no suspense applied to the new Model S. The advantages of Porsche Sport will not last long.

But at least today, Porsche makes people overlook that Taycan’s performance is inferior to Model S. Porsche tries to convey to people that Taycan is the world’s first pure-electric sports car with sports genes.

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