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NIO ES6 First Review


Three months after the official delivery of the NIO ES6, the first batch of trial cars at the NIO Hefei factory went offline. On March 25th, we conducted the first venue test drive experience for the ES6 in Suzhou.

There are 3 ES6s at the event site, all of which are the front 160 kW permanent magnet synchronous motor, the rear 240 kW AC asynchronous motor, and the 70 degree battery performance version. One star gray is used for the static shooting experience, one cloud white is used for the venue dynamic test drive, and the other cloud white is used for the non-paved road experience. Then let’s take a look at the ES6’s static, dynamic, non-paved road experience in this order.

Small ES8?

nio es6 002 - NIO ES6 First Review

Appearance Aspects The overall shape of the ES6 is very similar to that of the ES8. The first impression is a small ES8, but the details are much more refined. The ES6 has a total of 8 paint colors to choose from, and Nebula Purple requires an additional 10,000 yuan. The color of our real shot vehicle is star ash.

The front face of the X-bar is designed in the same color as the body, and the ES6 design is more acceptable than the ES8 metal trim.

nio es6 003 - NIO ES6 First Review

The front intake grille is an active intake grille, that can be actively closed to reduce windage when heat is not required.

nio es6 004 - NIO ES6 First Review

The lights also feature a split-type design with daytime running lights and turn signals, and LED lights at the bottom.

nio es6 005 - NIO ES6 First Review

Flowing turn signals are not available on the ES8

nio es6 body - NIO ES6 First Review

The ES6 has a vehicle size of 4850*1965*1758 mm and a wheelbase of 2900 mm. The length of the vehicle is 172 mm shorter than that of the ES8. However, in order to plug the battery pack of the same size as the ES8, wheelbase of ES6 is 110 mm shorter than that of ES8. Therefore, the front and rear suspension of the whole vehicle is a lot shorter, which is also a characteristic of the electric vehicle in size.

nio es6 006 - NIO ES6 First Review

In addition to the limited edition of the 6,000 first-generation commemorative models with 20-inch wheels, the remaining performance and base models come standard with 19-inch wheels. The optional 20-inch 7-spoke wheels are available at $9,500. There is also a detail that the breathing light on the wheel eyebrows moves from the middle of the ES8 to the rear of the charging port.

nio es6 007 - NIO ES6 First Review

nio es6 7 - NIO ES6 First Review

The slow charging port and the quick charging port are placed on the left and right sides of the front fender of the car as in the case of the ES8, but the cover of the charging port on the ES6 becomes electrically opened, and only needs to be pressed in the upper right corner of the charging cover to automatically open. The official said that the design was added to match the exclusive pile and enhance the user experience.

After the user takes the charging gun and walks to the vicinity of the charging port, the charging port cover is automatically bounced after being sensed, so that the charging action becomes smoother. This idea is very good, but to be honest I am a bit worried about the reliability of this electric rotating mechanism.

nio es6 008 - NIO ES6 First Review

nio es6 009 - NIO ES6 First Review

The rear of the car is also a family style.

Big Screen Central Control

nio es6 010 - NIO ES6 First Review

Most of the interior design is the same as the ES8. The materials are in place. The basic touches are all wrapped in leather, and there are some other details that we can see.nio es6 center contorl - NIO ES6 First Review

The size of the ES6 central control large screen has been upgraded from 10.4 inches of the ES8 to 11.3 inches. When the ES8 first came out, the black side of the central control screen was criticized. This upgrade feels like a direct transition from the iPad 2 to the iPad Pro. Moreover, the second-generation central control panel adds a layer of obvious oleophobic layer, so the sliding feeling during operation is much better, and the phenomenon of the full-screen fingerprint of the older generation has also eased.
The operating system of the trial car is still the initial version of 0.3.0, and there is not much reference, so the software system of the ES6 car is not evaluated.

Here to share the experience of the latest version 1.2.1 on the ES8, compared to the initial version, the probability of BUG has now decreased a lot, in the two months of my experience only two problems, one is reverse The image cannot be displayed. Once the power-up brother completed the power-on, the operating authority of the system did not switch over.

The overall fluency of the system is quite good in the car machine. The drag and drop of the map is relatively easy to follow, and the zooming is not obvious. But there is a big increase in overall operational logic and UI design, which may be quite far away.

nio es6 011 - NIO ES6 First Review

nio es6 012 - NIO ES6 First Review

Compared to the layout of the ES8 central control area, there is not much change, but the workmanship material has risen by one grade. The piano paint plaque on the ES8 has been replaced by a metal brushed plaque and a chrome trim is added around the button.

nio es6 steering wheel - NIO ES6 First Review

Another big change in the interior is the steering wheel, which has changed from the original double frame to three. The area of the single button on the steering wheel is much larger, and some unnecessary buttons are removed. Compared with the ES8, the ES6 is easy to operate.

The size of the dashboard has not changed, and the logic of the content display is consistent with the ES8.

nio es6 013 - NIO ES6 First Review

Unlike the ES8, the ES6’s ceiling is available in Microfiber’s ultra-fibre material, which is a rayon-like fabric with a small amount of wire that feels smoother than Alcantara.

es6 dressing mirror - NIO ES6 First Review

The ES6’s vanity mirror is very large and very useful for some users who need to organize their makeup on the car.

nio es6 014 - NIO ES6 First Review

The ES6 features an all-in-one seat that is softer and more packaged than the ES8. The overall ride feels a lot better than the ES8.

nio es6 015 - NIO ES6 First Review

Although it is an all-in-one seat, the headrest still has two gear positions.

nio es6 016 - NIO ES6 First Review

The Queen’s seat is also available on the ES6. Comfort is no problem, but the optional price of $8,500 is not cheap.

nio es6 017 - NIO ES6 First Review

The rear seats of the ES6 are also much softer than the ES8. Due to the short wheelbase of 110 mm, the rear space of the ES6 is definitely a lot smaller than the ES8, but the front row is adjusted to the proper sitting position and the rear legs. The space is still very wide.

nio es6 018 - NIO ES6 First Review

Only the front seats are relatively low, and the feet cannot be placed naturally under the front seats, so the area where the rear legs can move is the space you see.

nio es6 019 - NIO ES6 First Review

nio es6 020 - NIO ES6 First Review

The ES6’s trunk is very square, with hooks, anchors, and 12V 180 W power supplies. The standard ES6 has a trunk volume of 584 L, and the storage compartment hidden under the shelf has 80 L of space.

nio es6 021 - NIO ES6 First Review

The rear seat can be put down by the handle on the backrest and the handle in the trunk, which is very convenient and the space expansion is also very good.

160 kW+240 kW=4.7 s

NIO prepared a test environment for acceleration, braking, winding piles, and elk testing. The vehicle we tested at the site was the first 160 kW permanent magnet synchronous motor, and the rear 240 kW AC asynchronous motor version, with a 21-inch wheel mounted and an acceleration of 4.7 seconds per 100 km.

nio es6 022 - NIO ES6 First Review

Actually, the ES6’s explosive power at the start of the game is faster than the ES8, but the burst strength is not as good as the ES8. The 4.7-second 100-kilometer acceleration and 4.4 seconds can still make a difference. The ES6’s acceleration experience does not have the feeling of the ES8. However, it is completely sufficient for ordinary consumers to drive normally.

nio es6 023 - NIO ES6 First Review

The brakes are as good as ever. The 4-piston Brembo calipers and Pirelli’s P Zero tires allow the 2.3-ton guy to stop within a distance of 34 meters. Because the brake action is a sudden death, the brake p

edal feel is not too intuitive, the only impression is that the braking force is indeed very powerful.

nio es6 024 - NIO ES6 First Review

The performance version comes standard with an active air suspension. The overall comfort of this suspension is good, but in the case of intense driving, the posture is kept ugly, and there will be a large nod and roll.

The ES6’s steering feel is not much different from that of the ES8. It is a comfortable calibration. Even if it is adjusted to the sport mode, the transformation effort is lighter. In the test of the pile, it is obvious that the chassis is more than enough to understeer.

Because the battery pack lowers the center of gravity of the vehicle, even if the steering feel is normal, the driver will not feel the panic because of the unstable disk, and the ES6 is shorter than the ES8, and the body dynamics are much more flexible.

From the perspective of suspension and steering, the ES6 is a SUV that is biased towards comfort. What about his driving experience on non-paved roads?

The most intuitive feeling is comfortable.

The non-paved road environment arranged by NIO is similar to a country road. There are many bumps on the road surface, and there are some very small potholes in the driveway, which is a good place to test the chassis suspension.

I took the ES6 and the new Q5L on the spot for a test. When driving, due to the larger self-weight and lower center of gravity of the ES6, the lateral swing of the body is much better than that of the Q5L. The gentle steering feel is very easy on this road, and there is no excessive road information to the steering wheel.

At 20-40 km/h, the output of the motor is also very calm. On the contrary, the fuel car needs to switch back and forth between 2-4 gears repeatedly. In this kind of relatively complicated road conditions, the kinetic energy can be used to control the speed. The fuel car can be very calm. It is necessary to repeatedly switch back and forth between the throttle and the brake pedal.

es6 body - NIO ES6 First ReviewEndurance+NIOPilot, The Star OF Tomorrow

Unfortunately, we didn’t experience the two core contents of this ES6. The one is driving range and the other is NIO Pilot.

About the driving range: The ES6 has two power versions, one is the first 160 kW permanent magnet synchronous motor we tested today, the latter 240 kW AC asynchronous motor version, and the other is a 160 kW permanent magnet synchronous motor version. With these two versions of the ES6 equipped with a 70-degree battery version, the NEDC has a range of 430 km and 420 km respectively. If you spend an extra 50,000 yuan optional 84 degree battery version, NEDC has driving range of 510 km and 490 km respectively.

nio es6 025 - NIO ES6 First Review

The ES6 has a lower drag coefficient than the ES8, and the finishing quality is lighter than the ES8. At the same time, it is equipped with a relatively power-saving permanent magnet synchronous motor and heat pump air conditioner, so I am looking forward to the comprehensive life of the ES6. If the actual life of the test is not overturned, and with the power supply service system of NIO, the product strength of the ES6 in the field of electric vehicles cannot be underestimated.

es6 front camera - NIO ES6 First Reviewes6 front three-eye camera

About NIO Pilot: NIO said that the ACC function will be pushed to ES8 users in April this year, and the ES6 delivered in June will be able to achieve L2 level assisted driving.

Regarding the price: the benchmark version is 358,000 yuan, and the performance version is 398,000 yuan. If the 84-degree battery version is optional, the starting price is 408,000 yuan and 448,000 yuan respectively.

NIO ES8 has been a well-received product since its birth in December 2017. After the scale delivery in June 2018, the NIO brand has been pushed to the forefront of public opinion. As the second model of the NIO car, the ES6 is not only responsible for reversing the reputation of the market, but also needs to lead Nio to profit!


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