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NIO ES6 Driving Review


When I received the invitation from NIO ES6, I was still looking forward to this driving review. Because ES6 is a vital product for NIO, similar to Model 3 to Tesla, it is about success or failure.

NIO positioning of the ES6 is A “High Performance, Long Rang, Intelligent Electric ” SUV, so I intend to talk about the experience of this short experience ES6 mainly from these three aspects, so that you can refer to it.

High performance

To my surprise, this time Nio has actually arranged on the track review.

When Tesla Model 3 was first launched in China at the beginning of the year, it was connected to the three-day track day event and recently had another track experience in Shanghai.

But Model 3 is a car, and the Performance version also has a special Track Mode, which is itself a small track expert.

The NIO ES6, a medium-sized SUV, was arranged on the track, which was quite unexpected.

NIO ES6 Experience 002 - NIO ES6 Driving Review

In terms of hardware, one motor before and after the ES6 has a total power of 400 kW, which is a little less than the 480 kW of the ES 8 dual asynchronous motor.

NIO ES6 Experience 003 - NIO ES6 Driving Review

Nio is the second car manufacturer in the world to commercialize high-power motors with a single power of more than 200kW. The first one, needless to say, is of course Tesla (568kW).

NIO ES6 Experience 004 - NIO ES6 Driving Review

In this track experience, there is a special 0-100km/h acceleration game. Everyone’s average score is about 4.1 seconds, a little faster than the ES6 official’s 4.7 seconds.

NIO ES6 Experience 019 - NIO ES6 Driving Review

This score is already very good.

But I personally feel that “it is not fast enough.” . . Because my daily commute is based on the Tesla Model X P100D and Model 3 Performance, the violent mode is basically unsuccessful, and the two-car acceleration of 100 km can easily enter 3.x seconds.

NIO ES6 Experience 005 - NIO ES6 Driving Review

If you don’t pursue stimuli, you can also set it to “comfort mode”, and the acceleration of 100 kilometers will become more than 6 seconds.

As for other driving feelings, it is “light” in one word, but the SUV is still an SUV. Although it is not as flexible as the Model 3, it is also very light; the suspension is soft and the crater is over. It will be more comfortable.

I still don’t like the steering wheel feel, even the performance mode is still very soft, and I feel that the automatic return after turning is not very sensitive.

NIO ES6 Experience 006 - NIO ES6 Driving Review

In addition, the track experience has a place that impresses me –

After a few laps of intense driving, the ES6 did not have a large fan and high-power operation. It made people feel that the heat dissipation of the battery and the motor was very good. Unlike the Tesla Model S/X, if it’s so open, it’s easy to “scream”.

Long Rang

This is the biggest improvement of ES6 relative to ES8, and it is also the most concerned about everyone.

The ES6 uses a 70kWh battery pack and the official NEDC data is 430 kilometers. From a numerical point of view, the ES6 is about 20% higher than the 355 km of the ES8.

In addition to the smaller and lighter body size, the ES 6 has changed to a combination of “Permanent Magnet + Induction Motors” like the Model 3, which has a significant improvement in overall energy efficiency.

NIO ES6 Experience 007 - NIO ES6 Driving Review

The recently redesigned Model S/X is a similar solution:

With the 100kWh battery pack unchanged, the Model S/X has improved its life by switching the dual induction motor to the front permanent magnet induction. The Model X has a NEDC of 575 kilometers and the Model S can reach 650 kilometers.

NIO ES6 Experience 008 - NIO ES6 Driving Review

In addition, the ES6 can also be equipped with an 84-degree battery pack, which allows NEDC to reach up to 510 KM.

All of the above are numbers on paper, what is the actual performance of the car’s battery life? Can you be competent in inter-provincial and inter-city round-trip scenarios that require battery life? These still have to be pulled out to run to know.

However, this short experience, there is no way to give an answer.

NIO ES6 Experience 009 - NIO ES6 Driving Review

This time our driving review is equipped with a 70kWh battery pack. The distance is 70km city road + expressway. Due to the shooting demand, various experiences, traffic conditions, etc. It took us almost 3 hours to finish 70 km.

NIO ES6 Experience 010 - NIO ES6 Driving Review

Such an evaluation method does not have much reference significance for the energy consumption value of the vehicle display.

Because it is about 1-1.5 hours to run such a long section. However, in this extra 1.5-2 hours, only the air conditioner and the standby of the car are estimated to be 1.5 kW, and the extra 1-3 kWh will be consumed. This electric power will be divided by 70 km and counted into the total energy. In the value of consumption.

Therefore, I still hope to use the same old method as before to review ES8: Put the 84 kWh ES6 on the S3 Guangshen Yanjiang Expressway and run at 110km/h and 120km/h at a fixed speed to see how much energy is consumed and how far it can run.


For the owner, the car’s intelligence is mainly two: the intelligent interconnection of the car, and the automatic assisted driving ability.

Car machine interconnection

The ES 6 is still equipped with the signature voice control assistant NOMI, which is a significant improvement compared to a year ago.

During our entire experience, there was no “crash”: it was able to accurately identify various commands, such as adjusting air conditioning, seat massage, sunshade and more.

A teacher used the command to “turn on the seat massage in the front right row” to test, and Nomi’s classmate also held it.

NIO ES6 Experience 011 - NIO ES6 Driving Review

NOMI is a “painkiller” compared to the big screen with a bad interaction experience – it’s more convenient to call NOMI when you have a hard time finding a setting.

NIO ES6 Experience 012 - NIO ES6 Driving Review

The experience of the ES6 has changed to a new screen, the horse race is much narrower than the ES8, and it looks a lot more atmospheric. But still use the ES8’s UI/UX. Nio official said that when the ES6 is officially delivered, there will be big changes and surprises in UI/UX. There is not much resentment here.

Nio Pilot

Nio often emphasizes that his assisted driving hardware is very advanced, but more than a year has passed, and Nio Pilot can only be said to exist only in the matching list.

NIO ES6 Experience 013 - NIO ES6 Driving Review

The ES6’s Mobileye eyeQ4 solution is still quite big. Tesla’s previous AP1.0 hardware was its previous generation, the Mobileye eyeQ3.

Nio’s assisted driving is currently only available in ACC, which automatically maintains the distance of the front vehicle and achieves the cruise at the specified speed, thus liberating the foot of the throttle and brakes.

However, when we actually experienced it, the first one went wrong, and almost hit the front car and made a big news of “ES6 first hit”.

NIO ES6 Experience 014 - NIO ES6 Driving Review

This GIF comes with an acceleration effect

At that time, the speed and the set speed were faster. The ES 6 recognized the front car and slowed down at a very late time, but its deceleration was too late, the warning sounded in the car, and the dashboard began to explode the warning of “brake”. At the last critical moment, a media teacher manually intervened in the brakes, and did not lead to a rear-end. . .

Later, by consulting the ES8 owner, I realized that this almost crash was one of the few things that need to be paid attention to in the official ACC User Guide: the car is rushing to the front or the slow target.

NIO ES6 Experience 015 - NIO ES6 Driving Review

Therefore, please read the usage guide before use. . .

NIO ES6 Experience 017 - NIO ES6 Driving Review

Due to previous encounters, we are much more cautious with this feature. When the cruising speed is set to about 60km/h, the performance is normal, the acceleration/deceleration is smooth, and the identification of the inserted vehicle is decelerated.

As for the lane keeping ability, the ES6 we have experienced is not yet open.

To sum up, there is no harm without comparison, and Nio is still very weak in assisting driving. The level of eyeQ3 was a lot worse than Tesla a few years ago. I don’t know if it was delayed by Mobileye because of the development progress, or for other reasons?

NIO ES6 Experience 018 - NIO ES6 Driving Review

Tesla recently released the AutoPilot HW3.0 hardware in a high-profile manner, and the software application is also iterative. (America) NoA, advanced summoning and other related functions have been launched one after another, all the way to triumph.


If you want such a “high-performance, long-life, smart electric SUV”, that is, the full ES6, the total price before the subsidy will go to about 570,000 Yuan, and it is expected to start delivery in June.

NIO ES6 Experience 020 - NIO ES6 Driving Review

This price, if a year or two and the same high performance, long rang, smart domestic SUV – Tesla Model Y performance version of the confrontation is a bit hostile.

At Last

After this short experience of ES6, what I want to say is:

In this game, although Nio faced serious difficulties and even went a lot of black roads and roads, it still went very fast, and it seems that the direction is getting more and more correct.

Finally, in the end, listening to people on the Internet and talking about thousands of tens of thousands of cars, it is better to go to the store, get into the car, step on the foot

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